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Painting with Watercolor

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Do you have a science-themed event that needs a creative flair? Are the images made for your next publication not up to par? Do you have an idea for an interactive science meets art activity? Come work with SMArt!

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Collaboration Categories


Student-led initiatives regularly partner with Science Meets Art to create science-themed art pieces, organize campus events, and much more! We also work with student researchers to create scientific visuals to enhance their work.  


SMArt has worked with numerous faculty members on a variety of projects to help visualize research happening at the University of Windsor. Our work has been featured in scientific journals in peer-reviewed articles and on journal covers. 


Science Meets Art partners with community organizations to participate in outreach events, design science & art programmes, create educational art pieces, and more!

SMArt-Faculty Collaborations

Scientific Visuals for Publications

SMArt volunteers have published works in numerous peer-reviewed journals. Many of our talented volunteers use drawing tablets to create digital art that visually communicates the research being conducted at the University of Windsor. We've illustrated plumage variation in neotropical birds, devised conceptional drawings for calcium-ion batteries, and even drew an octaboraneyl Ni complex as an actual octopus! If you need help crafting compelling visuals for your next publication, enlist a SMArt volunteer.

Illustrations for Journal Covers

SMArt art is cover-worthy material. You can find some of our works gracing the covers of Journals like Peptide Science, Chemistry Europe, and Nanoscale.

Long-Term Lab Collaborations

Some of our SMArt volunteers form long-term collaborative partnerships with labs on Campus and create illustrations for numerous publications, lab logos, and other various projects. 

Educational Art

Art that also educates seems pretty SMArt to us! We are happy to partner with faculty to develop pieces that can be used as educational materials. Take a look at our Tree of Life piece, which you might have noticed outside of the first-year biology lab-room in the Biology Building.

Advertising Materials and Logos

Science Meets Art has designed logos for Labs in the Faculty of Science here at the University of Windsor. If your lab needs a cool lab logo, reach out, and we'll try and pair you with a talented SMArt student. Additionally, we also work on larger-scale advertising pieces. Check out our Periodic Table Project, which showcases all of the amazing opportunities in the Faculty of Science at the University of Windsor.

Chalkboard Art

If you have seen a beautiful design on the chalkboard wall in the Essex CORe Building, odds are it was a SMArt creation. Contact us if you have an event in Essex CORe and need some SciArt to fit the theme.

Dr. Drover.jpeg
Nanoscale JPEG.jpg
The Tree of Life
periodic table - October 9, 2019.jpg
Chemistry and Biochemistry Reunion.png
Jewelry Sketches
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SMArt-Student Collaborations

Participating in Campus Events

SMArt participates in many events held on and around campus. We work with partners to design themed pieces, create artworks for raffles, organize science-based art activities, give talks, and more! We regularly work with the other USci initiatives and additional student-led groups on campus like Science Society and Women in Chemistry to name a few.

Scientific Visuals for Publications

Just like we work with faculty to illustrate scientific research happening at the University of Windsor, we are happy to partner with student researchers as well! If your work needs some creative help, reach out and we would love to help.

Science-Themed Art

Whether you need scientific colouring pages for your self-care workshop or a collection of a visual representation of the 100 most common birds in Windsor-Essex, Science Meets Art has got you covered! We work with student-led groups to create art to showcase at their themed events, display around campus, print in outreach materials, and among others.

Scientific Outreach Projects

If you or an initiative you are apart of has an idea for a science communication project, SMArt would love to partner with you! 

Advertising Pieces and Logos

What do the Science Society T-shirt design, the USci classroom wall-art, and the Science Society office door have in common? They were all created by SMArt members of course! You also might have noticed a few of our chalkboard designs in the Essex CORe Building advertising upcoming events. 

sci of relief colouring collab 2019
Birds of Windsor-Essex
Sci-soc T-shirt design.png
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SMArt-Community Collaborations

Science & Art Programs

We like to help design projects that show people the art in science. If you have an idea for a project that combines creative ideas with scientific concepts, aims to communicate science visually, or used art to teach about science, we want to be apart of it! In the past, we have partnered with United Way to create an afterschool SMArt program for elementary students.

Outreach Events

Why make SMArt art if you don't share it with others? If you have a science-themed event that could use some visual interest, Science Meets Art can help you out with that!

Science-Themes Art Pieces

If you need science-themed illustrations to display, you came to the right place! Our work has been featured online and around Windsor-Essex. Painting, drawing, photography, digital design, and even crocheting... you name it, we've got a SMArt volunteer who can do it.

Educational Art Materials

What's better than spending a day blowing paint around a canvas and attaching googly eyes to the spiky paint blobs? Explaining the properties of the microorganisms we just painted to all the kids who come by our booth at Science Rendezvous each year. Science Meets Art values the opportunity to use fun activities and pretty designs to get people engaged with learning about scientific concepts. We would love to partner with you if you have an idea for creating some creative educational materials.

SR 2019.jpeg
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