2018-2019 HIGHLIGHTS

NSERC Science Exposed Photo Exhibit

United Way


Science Rendezvous 2019
SMArt looks forward to helping bridge the gap between science and art for the youth in Windsor-Essex at Science Rendezvous every year!
USci Network Open House
On April 1, the USci Network hosted an open house to share the volunteer opportunities available within the six initiatives. We used this time to explain who we are, what we do, and recruit new members.
Destination Science Parent's Night
On March 20, Parent's Night returned to highlight the opportunities present at the University of Windsor within the Faculty of Science to the parent's of future Lancers.
The NSERC Science Exposed Exibit made its stop in Windsor to showcase the best photographs with scientific subject matter. This was a great opportunity for SMArt to show off our own science-themed pieces.
Exploring Science through Music
SMArt attended the Exploring Science through Music event held by the School of Creative Arts (SOCA). We think this event hit the right note!
United Way We-STEAM
SMArt collaborated with United Way to create an activty to bring to elementary students as part of an afterschool program. Students got to create a paint splatter microbe all while learning about bacteria and other germs.
Birds and Beer II
Birds and Beer returned for its second year on November 15. Dante displayed multiple new pieces, Lauren displayed her “Birds of Windsor Essex” and Sophia crocheted a Great Horned Owl.
Windsor International Film Festival
On November 1, SMArt had a display at the premier of "Shark Water Extinction" at the Windsor International Film Festival. Kate's "You've Got Nerve", Lauren's "Eye-ronic" and "Hero", and Kathleen's "Gray's Anatomy" along with others were displayed at this event.
Destination Science Parent's Night
On October 10, USci’s Destination Science hosted a parent’s night, highlighting all of the opportunities present at the University of Windsor within the Faculty of Science.
SLLC Planting Ceremony
On September 10, we collaborated with two initiatives in the USci Network to kick off the new school year by introducing members of the SLLC to eachother. Students each chose a housplant and decorated a pot to liven up their dorm rooms.
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Science Meets Art

Science Meets Art (SMArt) is a science education and art initiative open to all students in the Faculty of Science at the University of Windsor.